Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We are now one year old!!!

So, our dear little baby boy Nathan had his first birthday last week, and it was a wonderful day indeed! He just was Nathan, and awesome in every sense of the word! The day of his birthday was eventful enough to write an entire book about! Stress, rushing, baking, enjoying, loving, not sure what other words to use...but eventful. The evening was wonderful, Oupa and Ouma, Justin, Oom Jan, Tannie Kinny, Veronica and Adriaan came, and we enjoyed some lekka cake and watched Nathan as he had his first taste of real chocolate sweetness...it was so cute.

Nathan is such a sweet little boy...I just cannot believe we made a year with him already, the first year was hectic, loads of illnesses, reflux etc, but now he is crawling and just happy, he loves his brother, and his favorite past time is to bother Daniel as much as he can, be it taking his raisins off him, or putting his foot in the paper when Daniel tries to draw...

Time flies, and we need to enjoy and cherish every moment, I am always so scared I dont enjoy it to the full, and later on will say....why didnt I? Life is full of enjoyable moments, with each other, and just in life...and we must grasp every moment with both hands....

Here is to another wonderful year, with a wonderful little boy, who will grow and be an enjoyment to each one who meets him!

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