Monday, February 7, 2011

Wriggly worms daycare

I was thinking to make a nice blog for the kids in our daycare...then their mommies can see every day what they have done, and also see some nice pictures.

Wriggly worms was started out of the idea that so many small babies have to go to big creches, with many children, very little individual care, and just have to fend for themselves from a very small age. It took a bit of patience before we had 2 children added to us, myself, Daniel and Nathan, but finally we are a little daycare, and Carli is 2 and a half and our little addition Sofia is just 5 months old. We love having both of them, and know that we will still have loads of fun together.

Both little ones arrive at 8:30am, and we then have a bit of free play in the house, settling each one and greeting everyone. Then at 9 we go out into the garden, where Sofia has her short nap, and Carli and Daniel plays with their motor bikes, and Nathan crawls around after the ball. We then go inside and if it is arts and crafts day we prepare and the two older children do their craft, Nathan goes to bed, Sofia has free play, I usually have a theme for the day, a colour and soon want to incorporate numbers and letters. I find a article and pictures on the computer and we have a small talk on the topic of the day. With Carli being able to talk so well already, she always tells her mommy what she learned during the day. Very clever. Then we have free play, either the kids swim outside, or they play in the room with all the toys, blocks, puzzles, playdough, Sofia has tummy time and some time with me and Nathan, we read a book or two together and then they have free play, and I have a - I think - well deserved coffee. By that time the older ones has their snack, and Sofia is ready for her second nap. After that I read with them, and Carli usually goes home by that time, Daniel goes for a nap, and then I have time with the two babies, where we just play, sing and have fun together.

I will try and post something every day on what we did, and some pictures, of the art, of them playing and being happy, and perhaps sometimes sad, as we are just human.

I hope you enjoy, including Sofia's Granny in the UK!!! The is specially for you!

(I will still get pics of Sofia, my camera was mysteriously missing the last few days)

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  1. sorry to hear Sofia is teething, a difficult time for all. please give her a special little hug for me each day. Thank you so much. Hilary