Friday, June 10, 2011

Our dear Sofia...

Playing with Nathan, look all the toys!!

Always busy exploring

I love crawling to the front door now!!

Hi there everyone!

Arts and Crafts

So much fun!

Playing with my friends
So I decided to make this blog post about our beloved Sofia!!! She has been with us nearly 5 months, and it has been a great few months, of a lot of learning, playing, crawling, following the boys around, naps...and just enjoying being with her friends, especially Nathan.

Sofi usually arrives around 8:45 and then we have breakfast if she is hungry, then just play. If the weather allows we go out into the garden for a walk, and she always loves that...together with Nathan in the twin pram. We then come inside and play. Reading, or just chatting and singing or doing rhymes. Then just playing with all the toys, until she collapses in her campcot for a 2 hour nap. The usually wakes up pretty hungry, so she has a bottle, and then an hour later its lunch time...which she loves! Then we just play until mommy comes..what a great time we have every day!

We treasure every day with your little Sofi, and love having you with us. Time flies, and you are growing just turned 9 months old. WOW! Big girl.

We love you Sofi!