Saturday, May 14, 2011

All about ME!!!

I cannot believe it, I posted on the 2nd of May...and now it is the 14th of May already...where is time going...?

A lot has happened, and I must say, it has been a tough few weeks, but as I always say, by the Grace of God I am what I am! I have been enjoying His Grace much, esp when I am really ill and I have to walk to the doctor, after all His Grace is sufficient for us.

We have been without a car for 7 weeks now, as the person who was supposed to fix it, made a big mess up, and we are basically and the beginning again, which means everything has to be done again! And paid all over again....luckily for us money grows on trees, so NO PROBLEM!!! Hehe.

I have thus been enjoying a lot of walks, for shopping mainly and getting errands done, the library etc. The boys love it, and we use this opportunity to learn about cars, the trees, and just generally learning to greet everyone that passes us and being friendly. I really want my children to grow up learning that we greet everyone! Does not matter the race, financial standing or anything! Which means it mainly begins with me, and in the end our walks are great fun, and not depressing or sad at all.

I have been pretty ill this last 3 weeks. First we thought I might be pregnant, as nausea are one of the main signs I have, esp in the I was already getting lame the thought of having 3 children to support and raise...once again thinking homeschooling would be wonderful! But after a visit to the doc, I had a bad Urinary tract infection, so on some meds thinking I would be better 48 hours later...HAHA...a week later back to the doc, and getting another stronger AB, thinking that should do it...then 3 days later, I am on the phone back to doc, and he suggest I come in again and have a urine test done for pregnancy. I just keep feeling ill and really nauseas....finally yesterday, he decided to read through my health history DUH, and he realized that I have a history of chronic UTI's and he is on the phone to the Urologist, whom I have seen twice and who saw to me when I had the kidney stones at 31 weeks pregnant with Nathan. They found what I understood that my right kidney is having slight failure in function properly, but then when we visit another doc today she said I just have a kidney infection, so we really are hoping that is what it is. I am currently on injections for 3 days and then a even stronger antibiotic. Will see how that goes, just hope it will get better soon!

In all this I feel that I do become stronger in myself, just coping with difficulty, and also learning to lean on my Beloved more and not so much on those around me. Everyone is very busy with their own lives, but our dear Lord is just there waiting to shepherd me, while I walk and do my daily things.

Praise Him for His sufficient supply!

Monday, May 2, 2011

DANIEL!!!! My precious big boy!

Daniel in OUPA se kar!

Daniel our big boy!!! I cannot believe he is already 2 years and 8 months old already. And I love him to bits, he is one of the best things that happened to me. I feel I want to give this day to him, he is sweet, happy, self confident and ready for life.

I was totally amazed by him this past weekend. We bought him 4 puzzles, 6, 8, 10 and 12 piece. He mastered it with a smile. I would mix all the pieces up and about 15 minutes later he will come and get me with a big smile "nannie, klaar" - mommy finish! He just loves to sit and do it until it is finished. I am so proud of him. His speaking is improving nearly daily, and he is starting to put sentences together more.

We decided to homeschool him for now. I might put him in a little playgroup 2 mornings a week, as I am working and cannot get him to any mommy or social groups in the mornings, he is always asking for friends, and esp when Arenda's white beast stops he thinks Carli arrived and he gets so sad if she is not there. My heart is just to raise him without all the influences of the world, he is in the world but I want to raise him not of the world. I know there is a lot of pressure to raise our kids from early on in schools etc, but we feel strongly that the home environment will be best for him. He already loves the things we do together, and it will only get much better!

He loves Nathan, and finally does not say Deda anymore, but calls him Nathan, they still share a room, and I actually had to move the beds apart, so that they dont make more nonsense than sleep, when I put them down.

Thank You Lord for giving us this little boy! Grace us that we may raise him in Your ways, and be our wisdom to know what they are!