Saturday, October 2, 2010

Family time together

Every weekend happens so is Monday...then Saturday...not that any of us are complaining. It is great...on a Friday evening we always wonder what shall we do for Saturday. Usually we need to do a biweekly shop, or we just stay home, or we do fun things with the boys. Today we had loads of fun. We took Daniel to Kidz zoo, and he literally played his heart out, he mainly takes on the slide head first. Not scared at all. It was so much fun. Then he had a nap and we then did the garden, he thinks he can mow the lawn, but not yet Daniel, one day you gonna hate it, and baked some cookies(yeah, boys do enjoy baking!).

Last week we went to the Nature reserve, and Daniel had his first hike. What a big brave boy! He walked pretty far for a little boy. Firstly he was a bit unsure, but when he saw he could do it, there was no stopping him. We all got a bit of sun, and he played at the play gym.

I love family time together. It is really so special for the boys. I am home with them everyday, and I spend most of my time with them, but having time with daddy is just AWESOME!!! Nathan is constantly on the lookout for his dad. It is to cute. He is a bit ill right now..seems like the boys take turns, just a general cold I think, or maybe even some allergies, he just feels rotten.

We are a small little family and we enjoy each others company. I think daily we grow as parents and the boys are growing to become total sweet hearts. I am looking forward to many great family times together!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Summer is on its way

After a very long winter...or so it felt, even though they say we did not have enough rain, it feels a bit like summer is coming. It has been cold, and wet, but I must say, I want some warmth. The boys have outgrown most of their winter clothes, and I am tired of it. The summer things have been checked and unpacked. The funny thing is Nathan is so tall and lean and Daniel is so short and stocky, they are both going into the same summer things, Daniels clothes from last summer. I am glad, as it means we dont have to do so much shopping this summer.

We had a small photo shoot our in our garden, that gets manicured by our beloved Lynette, or Ette, as Daniel calls her. The flowers are just abundant and it makes me feel even more like having more sunshine and sea! I really hope this year we can manage to make it to the beach more often. Daniel is bigger now and he might enjoy it more. Nathan also does not mind to much to get his hands dirty so I suppose that all will be well. I mean, the beach is 2km from our home..what excuse do we really have?

Another thing I would love to share! I have freedom(yeah in Christ for sure) but also that we finally invested in a twin stroller, that fits in my car and is easy to assemble. The boys love going in it, as they are next to each other, and I find Daniel holding his little brothers hand very often. And we can go out and about when ever we want!!! Another reason why summer can come along already.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Two different

I have 2 boys...they are the absolute love of my life...they are born from me and my dear husband...but they are so different. Daniel cannot be bothered if I am there or not..I always joke that he will gladly be dropped off with a street man on the corner and even wave at me. Nathan on the other hand is such a mommies boy. If I just leave the room he it he is full, freshly napped, clean...he cries...until he can be in the loving arms of his beloved mother. And dont get me wrong...I am not raising them any different. Nathan could sleep well from the beginning like Daniel, I dont entertain Nathan the whole day...he is very good at playing by himself, as long as he can see me in the distance. I secretly enjoy the seperation anxiety but then it also bothers me..I do not like a mommies boy.

Well, Nathan is 7 months old now, and he has 2 teeth, cannot sit yet, but he does roll. He is just lazy. As a friend said to me, she is yet to see a kindergardener who cannot sit or roll, let alone crawl, so no worries, he will reach this milestone at the pace of Nathan.

Daniel, well he is just plain awesome. He still loves painting, he loves reading and he loves his daddy. Then comes his oupa and ouma, then his beloved Helga(gegga) and Justin...dont get me wrong, he loves all his aunts and uncles, but they are just topmost. Probably because we spend so much time together.

I love my boys...and I hope to be able to write more about them.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wow...and Daniel is 21 months old...

I dont know what happened to has just flown...since my last entry Daniel is now nearly 2 years old and has a mouth full of teeth, actually the only teeth that are lacking is the 2nd molars...
He is cute. I love my little boy to bits. Or is he my big little boy?

In the meantime Daniel got a little brother called Nathan. He is already a whopping 4 months old. They love each other. Kisses and hugs are always on the platter....ready to be handed out. They have really become my life. I cannot imagine anything without them. They are the reason I wake up. Well I have to...otherwise they might shout the roof down...Daniel starts with "uit" meaning he wants out...out of his bed...and Nathan just a little his nose is constantly blocked. It is fun starting the day like that. And then the famous "tee he" I WANT MY TEA...and not after mommy had a lie in...but NOW...hopefully for him I have fed Nathan by then otherwise he just has to wait a little bit. Nathan does not understand what it means to wait...he just knows he is hungry.