Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wow...and Daniel is 21 months old...

I dont know what happened to has just flown...since my last entry Daniel is now nearly 2 years old and has a mouth full of teeth, actually the only teeth that are lacking is the 2nd molars...
He is cute. I love my little boy to bits. Or is he my big little boy?

In the meantime Daniel got a little brother called Nathan. He is already a whopping 4 months old. They love each other. Kisses and hugs are always on the platter....ready to be handed out. They have really become my life. I cannot imagine anything without them. They are the reason I wake up. Well I have to...otherwise they might shout the roof down...Daniel starts with "uit" meaning he wants out...out of his bed...and Nathan just a little his nose is constantly blocked. It is fun starting the day like that. And then the famous "tee he" I WANT MY TEA...and not after mommy had a lie in...but NOW...hopefully for him I have fed Nathan by then otherwise he just has to wait a little bit. Nathan does not understand what it means to wait...he just knows he is hungry.

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