Friday, September 17, 2010

Two different

I have 2 boys...they are the absolute love of my life...they are born from me and my dear husband...but they are so different. Daniel cannot be bothered if I am there or not..I always joke that he will gladly be dropped off with a street man on the corner and even wave at me. Nathan on the other hand is such a mommies boy. If I just leave the room he it he is full, freshly napped, clean...he cries...until he can be in the loving arms of his beloved mother. And dont get me wrong...I am not raising them any different. Nathan could sleep well from the beginning like Daniel, I dont entertain Nathan the whole day...he is very good at playing by himself, as long as he can see me in the distance. I secretly enjoy the seperation anxiety but then it also bothers me..I do not like a mommies boy.

Well, Nathan is 7 months old now, and he has 2 teeth, cannot sit yet, but he does roll. He is just lazy. As a friend said to me, she is yet to see a kindergardener who cannot sit or roll, let alone crawl, so no worries, he will reach this milestone at the pace of Nathan.

Daniel, well he is just plain awesome. He still loves painting, he loves reading and he loves his daddy. Then comes his oupa and ouma, then his beloved Helga(gegga) and Justin...dont get me wrong, he loves all his aunts and uncles, but they are just topmost. Probably because we spend so much time together.

I love my boys...and I hope to be able to write more about them.

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  1. That Nathan cries when you are out of sight is a sign that he is developing an attachment to you. This is good, you want a baby to be attached to someone, or else when he grows up he will have problems being close to people and making friends. It is age appropriate, and as he gets older he will be secure and confident because he has attached, and will be more like Daniel and ok to be on his own more. That is just an educational point of view.

    Hello Gray family. Much grace to you all, and press on into the good land, Christ.