Saturday, October 2, 2010

Family time together

Every weekend happens so is Monday...then Saturday...not that any of us are complaining. It is great...on a Friday evening we always wonder what shall we do for Saturday. Usually we need to do a biweekly shop, or we just stay home, or we do fun things with the boys. Today we had loads of fun. We took Daniel to Kidz zoo, and he literally played his heart out, he mainly takes on the slide head first. Not scared at all. It was so much fun. Then he had a nap and we then did the garden, he thinks he can mow the lawn, but not yet Daniel, one day you gonna hate it, and baked some cookies(yeah, boys do enjoy baking!).

Last week we went to the Nature reserve, and Daniel had his first hike. What a big brave boy! He walked pretty far for a little boy. Firstly he was a bit unsure, but when he saw he could do it, there was no stopping him. We all got a bit of sun, and he played at the play gym.

I love family time together. It is really so special for the boys. I am home with them everyday, and I spend most of my time with them, but having time with daddy is just AWESOME!!! Nathan is constantly on the lookout for his dad. It is to cute. He is a bit ill right now..seems like the boys take turns, just a general cold I think, or maybe even some allergies, he just feels rotten.

We are a small little family and we enjoy each others company. I think daily we grow as parents and the boys are growing to become total sweet hearts. I am looking forward to many great family times together!