Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines day!

I began today being totally nervous, as Nathan was up a lot and I thought he was coming down with something, with a runny nose and constantly tugging at his left ear. I ended up giving him ponstan and a bottle of formula, he went down around 8 and slept for an hour, he woke up a new child, I reckon he was just tired, after being up the whole night, and the reason for being is so hot here these days!! So all is well in Nathan country!

We had a wonderful day. Sofia came early, as mommy still had to feed her, and then when mommy left she just played under the playgym, for about 30 mins while I gave our boys breakfast and got Carli settled in for the day. She was just content to play and gurgle and the other kids would go and say hi to her and shake the playgym to get the toys moving, she loves that.

Carli had a bit of a fall today during arts and crafts, trying to get of the chair to fast, but ice pack and loads of cuddles later, she was all fine, and of course a 15 minutes Dora the explorer break(with mommies permission)...

Daniel and Nathan are doing better, it was to be honest, a bit of an adjustment for them to have 2 extra children in the house and having to share mommy, but at least they go home at some point during the day, and arent here for good like a new brother or sister does, they cope, and they do end up enjoying the friends, Nathan always checks out little Sofia, and Daniel and Carli gets on like a house on fire. I found them inside the play box but I could not find my camera again, to capture the moment...they are really cute together, Carli always says to Daniel "DOM NOU DANIEL", she says for "kom" - "dom" I think the "k" sound has not realized yet...that means Common now Daniel!!! So cute, they are great friends.

We did some Valentines day gift for the mommies and daddies, and the colour red and pink and the heart shape, one always has to bring in some learning into the fun!! Even Sofia gave her mommy one....(even though someone grown up did it - dont tell mommy Sophia)

It is weekend, I might come on again with some fun we had on the weekend with our boys!!!

Kisses everyone and have a good one!

Oh I almost forgot, Sofia had a whole teaspoon of rice cereal...and she loved it!!!

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