Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What a day!!

I reckon daycares goes through days where things are just tough, babies just cry, the house is a mess, and becoming a bigger mess as the day goes by. And the owner of the daycare feels that she is just not coping!! That does happen right...

I just started out this wonderful day of love being very tired, I mean, like bone - dry tired, I had no energy for the day! So that was a bad start. Then the boys were fine when they woke, but I just felt the house was a mess, and I had no energy to fix it. The kids came and seems like poor little Sofia was poorly! She just cried, mostly when I put her down, as sometimes I just had to, to take care of the other 3 kids, and sometimes when I held her, she just cried. So Nicole came to get her a bit earlier...I hope she is better now!

The boys, my boys just wanted my attention, so through the afternoon, trying to clean and take care of things, they just cried for me, I felt like a worthless mother, so I just gave them my time. I called hubby, who called someone, who arranged a domestic help for me, to do the cleaning...sjoe, what a load off me!! So she is coming....I cannot wait, and I hope she is great so that she can come every week, I cannot do this 4 kids alone and do the house and the laundry and the....and the....I am not some kind of SUPERWOMAN!! Even though I wish I were....

I ended up going to bed with beloved Jason at 8:30...and I feel so refreshed this morning...I think that is much needed at times...

So my question is: I am working part time and from home, with my own children around me, how does the mothers who work away from home do it, the house, the kids, giving enough attention, giving yourself enough time that you dont conk in after a week, and Hubby who is also needing that extra love? How do you all do it?

I realize more that my time is mine, but I have to be so balanced with it, to give each one a piece of it...little Carli, little Sofia, and my own two precious boys, my most precious possession, I suppose us moms are just fit to do so!

Well, here is to today...a better day than yesterday, less focusing on what is not important to what is..giving more time to relationships, and loving what you have more...

And most of all, Looking away unto Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of my faith!


  1. Days get hard. Do you want me to take some photos of my house to make you feel better :D
    I am waiting for my domestic angel to arrive to tidy up and sort things out while I close my eyes!

    Will be praying you have a better day.

  2. Hi Wilma,
    Being a Mom is no joke and being a working Mom is even more difficult! but as woman we survive somehow, its just what we do!
    Keep up the good work, your doing a great job.
    Natalie (Gemma's Mommy)