Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And the days go by!

Things have been going very well here at Wriggly worms, much activity, enjoyment and fun. Hopefully learning something new every day, from the Ant to the autumn tree.

I have really been enjoy these kids so much, each one is unique in their own way. Little Carli is a little firecracker, she is not slow to speak her little mind, and she loves learning, as soon as I call them to come and sit on my knee to learn about something at the computer(yes this is our biggest learning resource) then she is there, keen to jump on and jump in! She loves painting even more now, and as soon as she comes in the door, she wants to know what we are painting today! This is unfortunately her last month with us, but we will enjoy it as much as we can!

Daniel loves Carli...he always kisses Sofia, and he always fights with his brother Nathan, but he enjoys their company! I think the boy in him has come out as he does not find painting so enjoyable as he used to when he was smaller, he kinda gives it a smear here and a smear there...and then he is done...and I get a very satisfied "klaar" time frustration for me, but enjoyment for him, so I usually just leave him there. As long as HE enjoys it. He still loves his writing and counting and reading so much, and will sit down with anyone who will sit with him for a minute...sometimes he scares me!

Sofi...she is just awesome, her happy squeals when I sit down to play with her, she is so good at baby gym now, she rolls, she loves stretching her arms, and her legs up and down, and she loves practicing her sitting! We do baby gym every day, and then she has a bath, which I reckon she loves even more! She splashes and giggles with much pleasure. And dont even start talking about eating...that must be her favorite new past time...esp butternut...she actually schmucks her little lips together when she eats.

Nathan has figured out that he can walk very fast with the walker, it is so cute, and he is so delighted with himself, looking around to see who can see him, and if he can get an applause from some interested bystander. Usually his very eager daddy. He is our delight, and I just enjoy him as he develops into a happy little boy, ready for more adventure. I find some mornings he loves being in the front line of being mischievous, he is younger than the older ones, but he loves "saying" what to do, and it is always touching the naughty line, but I love see that I have a little leader...with his older brother always ready to follow...

That is our little enjoyment, their pleasure....

We had a little visitor last week, Mister Xander Yntema, he joined us to learn about the Ant, and I think he loved it, this was the first time he painted, and one can see the concentration and enjoyment in his little face. To cute! Hope you come again soon Xander.

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