Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Boys!!!

They are indeed awesome, they must be the two most awesome human beings alive, I love them and they are one of the reasons I get up every morning, well....above the "TEE HE" - (I want my tea) every morning, I love getting up to get some time in with them. Sometimes I think I am the luckies mom out there, my boys are loving, happy and giving. Even Nathan at 13 months, he loves kissing, cuddling and playing with his brother, Daniel is just a soft and sensitive character, who does not mind a smack from mommy...but please, not one from I think that hurts the ego more than the bum!

At times I think with me working, they suffer, but then if I consider it, at least they are with me 24/7 and my input is the only input in their lives right now, which is the best I suppose. They thrive daily on being home, being in their normal routine, though I think Daniel finds it a bit boring at times, yet he is ok with it, as long as I read with him would be hourly if it was up to him...And is he starting to talk now, his best sentence thus far is "gan ek met ouma se kar ry?" which means "am I going to get to go in Grama's car"...he says all the words you can find, but he has to just get them organized into sentences now.

Nathan is a little firecracker, totally different from his brother Daniel, he is stubborn, mischievous, and a botherer...he loves bothering anyone that comes in his sight, and it means often times that he gets a book over his head, or a set of teeth on his that is hopefully for now, the way Daniel say "NO STAY AWAY"...he is always and constantly hungry and will eat anything that comes his way, be it a piece of seed from the garden...or a tire from one of Daniels cars...He keeps me busy, that is for sure! At only 13 months I cannot imagine that he will be a boy that will let anyone sit on his head, so beware comes NATHAN!! I dont know where he gets this personality from, as neither Jason or myself are firecrackers....mmm, makes you wonder hey!

These are my pride and joy, my reason for bragging...better stop now...

An update of Wriggly Worms will happen again as soon as I can figure out how to post pictures properly!

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  1. My goodness look how grown up Nathan is. He looks like a real little boy...Oooh so cute....