Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Busy, busy!!!

I havent been writing the blog for a week or two as things have just been so busy! Last week our little Carli left us, and she is going for other pastures, hopefully greener!! With us, we have 4 little ones now, Daniel, Nathan, Sofia and Emma(in order of age) and they keep me busy! Plainly said. I have been wondering lately how to get myself more organized, but seems like things are just the way they are.

Daniel is starting with school today, Suikerbekkies, and we are all excited, yet mommy is feeling a bit nervous, perhaps a bit the fact that I cannot take him myself, no car, and little ones arriving, and then wondering how he will settle, not having been away from me or ouma very often. We will see, and I am sure he will prove himself!

Nathan is well, he is a busy little thing, trying everything to walk. He walks with the pram, the chair, a box, anything he can possibly hold on to, in order for him to be able to actually walk....I am sure he will be able to walk soon! He has a totally different temperament that his brother, and does get upset rather fast, leaving his mom and dad in a total state of shock, and mainly of not know what to do...the boy is just 13 months old, what is that all about?

Sofi has been the star of the show, she has settled, is happy, easy going, naps, eats and loves going for long walks in the garden. I have just been enjoying her, she loves rollling, and sitting - which she is a pro at already, and practicing the art of crawling every day! I am sure it wont be long, and she will be cruising after Nathan, she loves him to bits, and they can spend "hours" kissing! To cute!

Emma has been with us for about 3 weeks now, and she is still a bit nervous around the kids, but I am sure with time she will settle right in with us, she still loves sleeping, and going for a 4 hour nap is nothing out of the ordinary! She also loves her milk, and wonder if she might start on some real food soon!!!

Me myself and I often feel like I need a break...but enjoying them and seeing them develop makes it all worth it...enjoy every moment where they are, and being content in what we have, is one of the things I have learnt....not hoping and wishing for something else, but just enjoying what is infront of us!

I am still to sort out the picture posting...will come soon!

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