Sunday, April 17, 2011

So we are now just 3!!!

Things have changed here at Wriggly Worms daycare...hehe, we are back to being just the 3 of us, Daniel, Nathan and our super sweet girly, the only one...Sofia!! We will miss little Emma, but because she is still so small she will enjoy it more being at home with her nanny. Carli has also moved to another school, closer to home and easier for mommy to get to!

Things have been going very well here. Sofi is just such a cute little girl. She is practicing every day how to crawl, and moves like no tomorrow. She also had a very big milestone this week...her first TOOTHIE!!!! Congratulations big girl. I always joke and say that Sofia is like a piece of furniture in the house. She is so happy, and if she is fed, and cuddled, and clean, she just wants to play, and not to much cuddling please, it takes to much time from playing. She is already nearly 8 months old and in her 3rd month being with us. We love you Sofi! Or Fi as Daniel calls her, or Tanni Cole!

My boys have been ill most of this week, with us rushing to the doctor to see what was causing such a sudden temperature rise in Nathan, it went from normal to over 40 degrees over night. First doc thought he has bacterial Pneumonia which meant hospital with us, but luckily it is just Viral, so after 4 days on antibiotics, Nathan is still struggling with slight fevers and also coughing and runny nose, same with Daniel, Daniels fever is just higher for now. EISH...I dont know what to do...I am sure they will get better...that is for sure.

I want to start a more set schedule, as it is just the 3 kids and things have become pretty predictable. Lets try something like this:

8:30 to 8:45: Sofia arrives
9:00 to 9:20: breakfast with milk/water
9:30 to 10:00:(winter) In the garden, in the pram in sleeping bag
9:30 to 10:30:(summer) In the garden, on the grass on blanket
10:30 to 11:00: Stimulation - reading, singing, dancing, physical exercise
11:00 to 11:10: Get ready for naps and have milk
11:10 to 13:00: Nap and wake up(Sofi and Nathan) - activities with Daniel
13:15 to 13:30: Prepare for lunch(nappy change etc) - Daniel goes for nap
13:30 to 13:50: Lunch
13:50 to 14: 15: Prepare for Tannie Cole to pick up Sofi

We will try our best to keep to this schedule. It is important to have some form of routine, as then we can take care of all the needs of the 3 kids.

Things will be easier and more peaceful from now on. I am excited and believe we can only go from strength to strength!


  1. wilma- hello there. You commented on my blog and asked how to type below pictures! When I initially upload my pictures to post (atill in editor)- I click on them to highlight them and then I can just move them around. I move them around so that I leave spaces between them and that way I can write above or below them.
    You may be having the problem because you are stuck in old editor mode and they've updated. Try this to see if it changes anything.
    I hope it works! Nice to meet you here in the blogging world! your son is adorable :)

    1. Go to your dashboard
    2. Click on 'settings'
    3. This should bring you up in the basic tab
    4. Scroll down to the bottom
    5. Go to 'Select Post Editor'
    6. You will find that you have a Green dot next to 'Old Editor' change it to 'Updated Editor'
    7. Save Settings

  2. Thank you for the post and photo. Granny Hilary