Thursday, September 22, 2011

So enjoyable!

I thought I had better write something in our blog, so that we do not get to behind. For some reason I cannot find my SD card of my camera, which means I am missing a lot of memories from happening!! No fun. I will keep searching though.

It has been so much fun with the boys at home lately! I just enjoy it so much, and treasure every moment with them. Daniel is 3 years and a month old now and fully potty trained, well he still wears a nappy at night, but yeah he hasn't had a accident in over 2 weeks, he just hates a wet pants, and he did a NR 2(sorry tmi) in a toilet for the first time yesterday! So we are getting there. I am so proud of him, he is just so clever. "Schooling" has been going very well, we are very very informal, just doing everyday what we feel is fun, be it numbers, or just playing outside in the mud, or going for a visit to a friend. Daniel actually asked that we bake a cake, so I think that might be happening today! His speaking has improved so much. He still has a lot of Chinese in his vocabulary, but I find every day he speaks so much more, and even full sentences. My big boy.

Nathan, he has become so easy and relaxed. I have been praying over this tantrums and difficulties a lot, and I have increased his food intake a lot. Well, we invested in a tin of NR 3 formula and that seems to have done it for him. He is just much more relaxed and I cannot actually remember, but I think his last tantrum was about a week ago. How can it be that hunger can cause such difficult behaviour in a child. I think he has a very fast metabolism, and until further notice, he will be fed formula - don't speak about the cost - just shove that under the fun! But the joys of having kids.

These boys are so different from each other though. As much as Daniel loves puzzles, and reading and sitting down to do stuff, so much Nathan hates it. Daniel could do all the wooden puzzles at 9 months, whereas Nathan at 19 months cannot be bothered. BUT, give him a ball and a cricket bat, and he comes alive, or a bike to ride outside. That is what he loves. I love the fact that my boys are so different and that I am probably going to be sitting at the art classes with Daniel, and at the cricket field with Nathan. FUN FUN!!

I still get a lot of critique for keeping Daniel at home, but I do believe in my own instinct though and will stand on that until we feel any different. I just hope for my friends to accept our decision, and realize that we all must do what is best for our children and our families. I KNOW that I am the best teacher for my children until they are a bit older, and they are so happy. Neither of them have indicated at this point that they would rather be rushed to be in a school every day. And I am treasuring the years that I have with them now. And NO, I dont need my own time to go drink coffee with friends. My own time is the time with my children, and we all enjoy it very much!

Thank you Lord!

Much grace to everyone!


  1. I think it's wonderful to watch the different personalities develop.
    And just remember when others are giving critique - there are those of us cheering you on too

  2. I'm with Donette! Blessings my friend!

  3. Well done Wilma, it sounds like you're enjoying motherhood and your boys are getting lots of love and care =) Find your SD card soon!
    Is Jason doing well?
    Lots of love from us 3

  4. I so agree with you. You are doing great!
    Kids in general don't want to rush around, they want to feel that things are under control and they have a set routine that is safe.
    Mom's instincts rule!
    PS: I tried to comment previously but couldn't because I didn't have a profile with one of the blogs. Now I can comment ;)